Working fields

Film: Producer, Writer and Director

Eventmangement: CEO and Creative-Director

Commercial: Producer, Copywriter and Director


“Golden Lion” Cannes (commercial), 1986/89
“Silver Lion” Cannes (commercial), 1987/88
“Clio Award” Finalist New York (commercial), 2000
“Grimme-Preis” Nominations (TV-Movies) 2002, 2004
“Best TV-Movie” nomination Monte Carlo, 2007
“Official Selection” Los Angeles Comedy Festival,2015
“Best comedy”-Award Sydney Indie Filmfestival, 2015
“Award of Merit” Indie Fest Film Awards, San Diego, 2016
“Publikumspreis” Nomination Festival des Deutschen Films, 2018

et al.

Film, TV (selection)

Hero (AT)
tv series, D, 2020
script – in development

Tatort: Hetzjagd (AT)
tv series, D, 2019
script & direction – in production

Tatort: Unter Wölfen
tv series, D, 2019
script & direction

Tatort: Maleficius
tv series, D, 2018
script & direction

Tatort: Vom Himmel hoch
tv series, D, 2017
script & direction

Proxima 13 (AT)
tv mini series, USA/D, 2015

Black Wedding
independent, cinema, D, 2014
script, direction, production

Tatort: Kalter Engel
tv series, D, 2013
script, direction

Reality XL
independent, Cinema, D, 2011
script, direction, production

Tatort: Das schwarze Haus
tv series, D, 2011
script & direction

Tatort: Liebeshunger
tv series, D, 2006

Eine Frage des Gewissens
tv film, D, 2005
script & direction (together with Rafael Sola-Ferrer)

Tatort: Feuerkämpfer
tv series, D, 2005
script & direction

Das Kommando
tv film, D, 2004
script & direction

Tatort: Harte Hunde
tv series, D, 2003
script & direction

Tatort: Der Passagier
tv series, D, 2002
script & direction

Polizeiruf: Die Schlacht
TV series, D, 2002

Tatort: Undercover
tv series, D, 2002
script & direction

Ein Zwilling zuviel
tv film, D, 2001

Tatort: Hasard!
tv series, D, 2001
script & direction

Tatort: Der Präsident
tv series, D, 2000
script & direction

Stahlnetz: Die Zeugin
TV series, D, 1999

Tatort: Kalte Herzen
tv series, D, 1999
script & direction

Straight Shooter
motion picture, D, 1999
script & direction

Der kleine Unterschied
tv film, D, 1998

Tatort: Nahkampf
tv series, D, 1997
script & direction

Tatort: Tod im All
tv series, D, 1996
script & direction

Tatort: Die Kampagne
tv series, D, 1994
script & direction

Magic Müller
tv film, D, 1993

et al.


Snowdance Independent Filmfestival
filmfestival, D-Landsberg, since 2013
CEO, concept & creative director


since 1986 around 100 commercials, D, USA, GB,
clients: Coca-Cola, Sony, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Ikea, Sparkasse, Procter&Gamble and many more
direction, partly concept, partly co-produktion