Working fields

Film: Producer, Writer and Director

Eventmangement: CEO and Creative-Director

Commercial: Producer, Copywriter and Director


“Golden Lion” Cannes (commercial), 1986/89
“Silver Lion” Cannes (commercial), 1987/88
“Clio Award” Finalist New York (commercial), 2000
“Grimme-Preis” Nominations (TV-Movies) 2002, 2004
“Best TV-Movie” nomination Monte Carlo, 2007
“Official Selection” Los Angeles Comedy Festival,2015
“Best comedy”-Award Sydney Indie Filmfestival, 2015
“Award of Merit” Indie Fest Film Awards, San Diego, 2016
“Publikumspreis” Nomination Festival des Deutschen Films, 2018

et al.

Film, TV (selection)

Tatort: Unter Wölfen (AT)
tv series, D, 2019
script & direction – in preparation

Tatort: Maleficius
tv series, D, 2018
script & direction

Tatort: Vom Himmel hoch
tv series, D, 2017
script & direction

tv series, USA/D, 2016
concept & script

Proxima 13 (AT)
tv mini series, USA/D, 2015

Black Wedding
independent, cinema, D, 2014
script, direction, production

Tatort: Kalter Engel
tv series, D, 2013
script, direction

Reality XL
independent, Cinema, D, 2011
script, direction, production

Tatort: Das schwarze Haus
tv series, D, 2011
script & direction

Tatort: Liebeshunger
tv series, D, 2006

Eine Frage des Gewissens
tv film, D, 2005
script & direction (together with Rafael Sola-Ferrer)

Tatort: Feuerkämpfer
tv series, D, 2005
script & direction

Das Kommando
tv film, D, 2004
script & direction

Tatort: Harte Hunde
tv series, D, 2003
script & direction

Tatort: Der Passagier
tv series, D, 2002
script & direction

Polizeiruf: Die Schlacht
TV series, D, 2002

Tatort: Undercover
tv series, D, 2002
script & direction

Ein Zwilling zuviel
tv film, D, 2001

Tatort: Hasard!
tv series, D, 2001
script & direction

Tatort: Der Präsident
tv series, D, 2000
script & direction

Stahlnetz: Die Zeugin
TV series, D, 1999

Tatort: Kalte Herzen
tv series, D, 1999
script & direction

Straight Shooter
motion picture, D, 1999
script & direction

Der kleine Unterschied
tv film, D, 1998

Tatort: Nahkampf
tv series, D, 1997
script & direction

Tatort: Tod im All
tv series, D, 1996
script & direction

Tatort: Die Kampagne
tv series, D, 1994
script & direction

Magic Müller
tv film, D, 1993

et al.


Snowdance Independent Filmfestival
filmfestival, D-Landsberg, since 2013
CEO, concept & creative director

Magic Lake Festival
music- and eventfestival, since 2017
CEO, concept & creative director


since 1986 around 100 commercials, D, USA, GB,
clients: Coca-Cola, Sony, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Ikea, Sparkasse, Procter&Gamble and many more
direction, partly concept, partly co-produktion