On Air: TATORT Maleficius

of 14 August 2019

Tom Bohns current TATORT is finished and will be broadcasted at prime time on September 8th.
Here you can read Tom’s current interview about this very extraordinary film.

TATORT “Unter Wölfen” in post production

of 14 May 2019

Tom Bohn’s new TATORT (German prime-time TV series) is in post production. Next side to Ulrike Folkerts and Lisa Bitter are acting: Thure Riefenstein, Max Tidof, Annika Blendl, Roberto Guerra and Lucy Loona. Broadcasting is expected in autumn 2020.

Snowdance Independent Film Festival: Calling for entries

of 14 May 2019

The Snowdance Independent Film Festival led by Tom Bohn is again “Open for entries”. After six very successful editions so far, the seventh festival will once again focus on all the special and peculiar films from all over the world that are shot without the influence of TV stations, film funding agencies or large studios.
The festival will take place from 25.01. to 2.2.2020 in Landsberg am Lech/Germany.