In preparation: Snowdance Independent Film Festival

of 18 December 2018

With a partially new crew Tom Bohn has started the 6th edition of the SNOWDANCE Independent Filmfestival Tom, as the new festival director will change the alignment of the festival from a sponsor-based, mostly party-and-fun-festival to a more serious, pioneering film festival.
By the beginning of December 2018, more than 300 productions from forty countries had been submitted.

TATORT: Unter Wölfen

of 2 August 2018

Tom Bohn has started the scriptwork for a new TATORT episode. “Unter Wölfen” will be shot in summer 2019. Customer for this production are tv-editor Ulrich Herrmann and producer Nils Reinhard from German TV-Cannel One (ARD)

TATORT: Maleficius

of 2 April 2018

Editing has been finished, the preps for the sounddesign have begun: Tom Bohn and his team from SWR-TV station Baden, Baden (Germany) are completing the production of the TATORT-Series: “Maleficius“. Broadcast date is expected in spring 2019.